Sound in a mobile ad is a bad idea.

The first time I heard sound in a mobile ad, it was for ESPN. The familiar triumphant reveille of the theme of Monday Night Football. Bah-ba-ba-bAhhhhhh.



Sound in mobile ads is new.

I think the first time I heard this ad, I wasn’t expecting it at all, and my volume was all the way up. It was like getting one of those e-mails when you click to look at beautiful scene, then the ghoul jumped up and screams and scares the crap out of you. This time I was on the can, so it actually helped (silver lining). I made a mental note to never suggest adding sound to an ad in a jarring way.

I went about my day… 2 weeks later, I get conformation that this really does pits people off. I heard this ad in Words with Friends. Today I noticed in the review section:

Customer Reviews
ads by hex9
this game is okay, but since i started playing i’ve seen the ads evolving into more deceptive forms. moving the skip button around or playing a sound amd making me wait before i can get past the ad. making me look at the ad is no big deal but trying to trick me into clicking tje ad is unethical and obnoxious
Love game but SOUND on ads???

by terrib972
I love this game but suddenly there’s a new ad with SOUND?? I don’t mind putting up with the ads for a free version but SOUND should not be allowed. I don’t want to have to mute my phone every time I want to play.

So… bad advertiser… bad.

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