V.gd Leads the Pack

My favorite URL shortner is now v.gd, not only is it quick and small but is truly an ethical URL shortening service. The service is supported by MEMSET®, and they also offer ‘is.gd’ – a slightly longer shortener. The .gd top level domain that is.gd is allocated under is owned by Grenada, a Caribbean island country and Commonwealth realm. Something important to keep in mind as shortening services that end in .ly have been seized by Libyan NIC because the content of websites fell outside of Libyan Islamic/Sharia Law.

They offer shortening in several flavors:

  • Standard: http://v.gd/irXfvs
  • Lower case: http://v.gd/8t6r1p
  • Lower case pronounceable: http://v.gd/zavonu
  • Set your own shorter URLs: http://v.gd/forLee
  • is.gd works the same way: http://is.gd/forLee

Wonderfully you can also have them log stats for your links

  • Log statistics for this link

These services are great for SMS, Twitter, or for making URL’s bearable to enter into phones.