Thanks for coming to take a look at my portfolio. I have a variety of creative work into two categories UX work and rich media ads.

The Friars Club is a private club in New York City, founded in 1904 that hosts risqué celebrity roasts. The club’s membership composed of comedians and other celebrities. It is located at 57 East 55th Street, between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue, in a building known as the Monastery. 

The Friars wanted a secure safe way to enable their exclusive members to order services and keep abreast of the goings on around the Monastery. This app design simply gave them what they were looking for with a back-end CMS that allowed easy updates from their WordPress main site.

View the Friars Club App Rich Wire-frames.

Scan or click the QR code to see the Rapid Prototype in action.

Schematic Wireframe Key

Schematic Wireframe Key

Intel wanted to update their mobile site and engaged our ad agency. I was responsible for the Usability and UX design. Here are the wireframes for the mobile website design that has not changed that much in 8 years.

We conducted a full Usability Study on the site and created a new design. With testing improvement, we kept the contract for the rest of my time at Velti.

View the schematic wireframes

Usability work UX & UI

Lands’ End   An example of creating a solution from just about nothing.

Lands’ End stood to save more than a million dollars if they could add a code to their catalog mailer that met the USPS postal savings guidelines. They gave us one asset, a 60-second spot. This is the wire-frame for the experience that we ended up producing for less than $5k of effort we sold a $50k job, that saved the customer more than $1,000,000.

View the interactive video wireframes

After this successful job, I created a product around the idea and we sold it to US Bank, scan the QR code to the left to see the interactive video we created for them to use across their network of credit cards.

Mobile Rich Media Ads

Lexus IS F Sport Banner

Lexus IS F Sport Banner

Lexus, interested in targeting high-end consumers with The 2014 Lexus IS F Sport, engaged with Amobee to produce a Dynamic Rich Media banner ad.  I leveraged Celtra’s AdCreator platform to make this ad.

Equipped with exclusive performance features and bold styling inside and out, Lexus F SPORT vehicles engineered for driving enthusiasts.

This banner ran across Google Rich Media Placements and garnered a .7% CTR, Lexus was very happy.

Dove Men+Care:

Dove is creating a new campaign for their Dove for Men+Care, focused on March Madness they will run in sports channels.They wanted an iPad specific Rich Media unit for more in-depth interactions, this includes a chance to win prizes and shoot hoops within the ad.  I made several CTA versions to test what would work best. The ads lead to a landing page where functionality like paper toss would enable a fan to play a game and then share that with their social media friends. Click on the image to see the full-size version.

Rich Media Unit in ESPN

Game CTA Rich Media Unit in ESPN

iPad RM ad

XBOX CTA Rich Media Unit in ESPN

iPad RM ad unit for Dove Men+Care

iPad Rich Media ad unit for Dove Men+Care

Dove iPad RM How to Play

Dove iPad RM How to Play

Dove iPad Game Win!

Dove iPad Game Win!

Dove Video Unit:

Rich Media Banner

Rich Media Banner to kick off the interaction leads to an autoplay video

Video play screen

Video is shown

Dove AdColony Postroll landing page

Post-video landing page

A Frame from the Game Design

A Frame from the Game Design

Hyundai was looking for pitch ideas to use around the world, I brainstormed, worked, and sent this bear-bones deck to be a part of the sales team’s presentation in Korea: Hyundai Pitch Ideas. In the past, I’ve worked with Hyundai at Ansible where we pitched the Hyundai-Outdoor-Interactive idea and launched mobile campaigns and sites.


Rich Media Ad for Pepperidge Farm

Campbell’s is relaunching mobile for several of their sub-brands. This bear-bones deck used in the pitch to present the complete ideas and won us the job.

Cumberland farms came to us for a LBS triggered ad, these are the designs I created for the RM ad unit. Keep in mind that these are prototypes. 🙂

The RM banner

The RM banner

A savings calculator

A savings calculator

Store Locator

Store Locator