Moving into the publishing world

An upcoming social game

The upcoming social game

I’ve recently shifted my focus in product management from mobile advertising into mobile gaming. From the advertising perspective, I’m now a publisher.

I’ve researched the best mobile games to learn from, specifically focusing on their Social Sharing aspects. I’ve sought out the places that list the mobile games that are selling best, monetize best (typically via in-app purchasing), and the free ones supported by advertising.

Creating those deeper interactions requires a flexible platform that can publish across sites, devices, and as many other touch-points as possible to reach our reader. The social game cycle can introduce powerful habitual behavior. Facebook wants to encourage this.

I learned an important lesson – call your customer by what they want to get out of the experience. Games have players, writers have readers, user manuals have users – this helps stay closer to the perspective of the customer.

There is a low-end of advertising like these types of ads:

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They hardly work.  Deep interactions come from immersive experiences. Takeover the site and the user may notice, become part of the conversation and the reader will care.

Topcharts shows a great list of the most recent top games. Apps like these show mobile apps and their ranking, but they do it in exchange for ad viewership, or scoring points for paid downloads. Apple is getting rid of these type of apps in their store.

To look across social games and mobile games check these sites out: