iOS 11 New Features: Screenshots with annotations

One of my favorite new features in iOS is the upgraded ability to take screen shots. For years touching the home and power button would take a screen shot, flash the screen and make a sound like a camera shutter. Now, in addition to that, the screen shot you just took will show up in the bottom left-hand corner. If you tap it you enter an annotation mode, it’s a screen to do some quick image editing.

Screenshot annotation screen

There are a variety of tools available, pen, highlighter, pencil, eraser, a lasso and pen color across the bottom of the screen. It’s great for an immediate note to describe an issue.

The annotation mode can hold multiple screen shots taken in succession, Note the dots below the second image, they switch as you swipe.

 The final icon on the bottom of the edit screen adds a new element to the screen. There are 7 types of elements:

  • Text, in any of the 6 colors offered
  • Signature, that you sign and set once and added to additional documents later on as well
  • Magnifier, that doubles the pixel count inside a circle
  • Square with 8 touch points to modify it to any size rectangle and the ability to change the thickness or fill in with a solid color
  • Circle, Text bubble call out, and arrow with the same options as the square element

I think this makes a much more functional tool to annotate screenshots or explain what’s happening on someone’s iPhone.