Google Earth — VR for the wide wide world of reality

Ten years ago, the project Google Earth began as an effort to help people explore our planet.

Downloaded more than two billion times, it’s the modern equivalent of a globe for most of us. November 16, they launched Google Earth VR as the next step to help the world see the world. “With Earth VR, you can fly over a city, stand at the top of the highest peaks, and even soar into space.” said Mike Podwal, 

Now, at 196.9 million square miles, we know the world is pretty big, so we’ve made it easy to find great places to visit. Earth VR comes with cinematic tours and hand-picked destinations that send you to the Amazon River, the Manhattan skyline, the Grand Canyon, the Swiss Alps, and more. – Mike Podwal, 

You can download Google Earth VR today in the Steam Store for free. Like Tilt Brush, Earth VR is launching first on the HTC Vive. Stay tuned for more updates on Google Earth across other platforms next year.