✈ Emoji as a Mobile Web accelerator

What’s Emoji? ✈

Emoji is the Japanese term for the picture characters.

iOS Emoji Keyboard

iOS Emoji Keyboard

You could think of this as the emoticon font. That means they can be used in electronic messages and webpages. There is a twist, this font is only on some devices. Supported in Apples OS X 10.7 Lion, Windows 8, and on most mobile devices now including the iPhone.

Why do we care? Mobile opens of email are skyrocketing. People are looking on their phones for answers and content every day – and some mobile phones are more capable then the desktop versions. What can we do to take advantage of these capabilities.

With every page download come all the assets tied to that page: Images, fonts, videos, embedded content. If the images or fonts are on the device, cached, stored in local-storage, or native to the device we can take advantage of some of them. This means that if you have access to Emoji, and the subject matter calls for it then you have a short cut around downloading images.

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Here is how to enable your keyboard in the iPad.

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The truth about iPhone Emoji

Emoji Cheat Sheet shows emoticons supported on CampfireGitHubBasecampTurntable.fm, and Teambox.

iOS: Understanding emoji.

Emoji couples

iOS 6 Emoji couples, now with more diversity.

iOS 6 Includes Gay And Lesbian Couple Emoji:

Wikipedia has a great section with each of the charictors so you can see what’s supported in your OS.

Windows Phone supported Emoji

Emoji in Segoe (Window’s main interface font for WP7/Win8)

More Emoji to come in iOS6

New Emoji in iOS6

New Emoji in iOS6

From http://www.iemoji.com/: