A visual font browsing interface

What a great solution! An easy way to choose from hundreds of fonts at a glance, great UX solution to a difficult problem. Way to go Ideo! They are great.

✔ Tips to make life a little easier

✈ Emoji as a Mobile Web accelerator

What’s Emoji? ✈ Emoji is the Japanese term for the picture characters. You could think of this as the emoticon font. That means they can be used in electronic messages and webpages. There is a twist, this font is only on some devices. Supported in Apples OS X 10.7 Lion, More …

China saw an 83% growth in mobile 3G subs

China saw an 83% growth in mobile 3G subscribers in 2012. China had 233 million 3G subscribers at the close of 2012. That figure was 127.5 million at the close of 2011.  China gained 11.8 million 3G subscribers just in the month of December 2012. 3G subscribers now represent 21% More …