Bose Hear Better

Bose has a new product that I think it’s more like a new category of headphones.

I got some QC20s as a present a couple of years ago, and I loved t06597847-277d-4f05-972b-880ae7a1aa66he cloud I lived in when they were on.  About 50% of the time I would have them on with no music playing. I felt like I had my own little cloud of silence around me. A bubble of sanity; people would not talk to me because I had headphones on and assumed I could not to hear them. Sometimes in airports that’s helpful. Once you mix in the ability to add a soundtrack you have the ability to populate the cloud with beautiful Bose sound and you get to add a soundtrack to life.

The product I tried out today takes the best of what Bose has today and adds the feature to enhance those you are talking with in a loud space. It’s Incredible. And it takes the idea of adding a soundtrack to life in an amazing way. I’m really excited to share with you what I learned. 👍🏼