Lee started developing websites in the early 90’s. His break came when he was hired to build a site promoting the Ericsson sponsorship of a James Bond movie. Lee has worked in a wide variety of internet development and marketing positions as everything from a speaker for how the internet can help businesses in the mid-ninety’s to Information Architecture, Search Engine Optimization, usability improvement, site design & development, and web application creation. Learning to program over the years in 6 different languages Lee has been able to contribute on all levels when it comes to websites.

Moving into mobile in the early 2000’s, Lee has worked to bring the web mobile since the start of the mobile web. Having designed more than a hundred mobile sites and apps, continuous improvement cycles and rapid iterative updates, learning from prior experience has been an utmost goal to achieve better results.

Lee has worked with fortune 500 brands such as Microsoft, Intel, Sony, HP, Subway, Bose, Ford, GM, Coca-cola, GE, McDonald’s, and many more.